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Thursday, January 30, 2014

INSPIRATION: How and Where I Got It From

 "Life has no limitations, except for the ones you make."
-  Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

When I started working out, I was a huge fan of The Biggest Loser and it was my dream to be a contestant on that show. Jillian Michaels inspired me to workout. I loved her no nonsense attitude. I wanted her as a personal trainer! I knew she would motivate me to work hard. So I bought her workouts and started busting my ass. The show inspired me because it was real people who were extremely overweight like me who lost amazing amounts of weight. I thought, "If these people can do it, then so can I." I never thought I would get this far. The fact that I got this far inspires me to continue to explore what I can do. 

I was never ever a runner. I was the one that walked the mile runs in gym class. I would have laughed at you if you told me this is where I would be today. I am actually planning on running a marathon! Some days I still think, "What the hell am I doing??" I have an issue with that though. I hate the words "I can't". I stopped using that phrase. My daughter says it alot and I keep telling her not to say that. Especially because I know that she can when she is saying that. She just doesn't want to. Excuses! It is so easy to say I can't and quit. I said that a lot. I always got into that negative self talk and let myself quit when it got too hard. That applied to pretty much everything in my life. It's funny how that happens right? Everything in life comes around full circle. Everything affects the other. It isn't until you start changing one thing in your life that you recognize the other things in your life that need a change. 

So here I am losing weight and starting a whole new life. I was making my outside look great and started exploring what else needed it too. I made changes in my interactions with family and friends. I actually started seeing who I needed and who I didn't. People who were poisonous to my progress started making themselves known. Most of those people are gone now. I understand that I cannot really get away from family. They are there always, but I knew that I could set boundaries as to how much I would take from them. Once I did that, I found that I was feeling much happier. There isn't alot of stress about who is doing/saying what things to me. I was stressed out enough with making sure I was keeping up with my eating and workouts! Why do I need to add their poisonous behavior to it? Life is a roller coaster in itself. Things always go wrong in my life and I just didn't need more to happen for unnecessary reasons. I can tell you that I am much happier and much more productive now than when I had all that added stress. 

My current inspiration?  I get inspired by my body and all the things I can do now. I look at my Before and After pictures and that motivates me to keep going. I can't even imagine being that person again. I don't even remember her. I think that the person I am now is a TOTALLY new person. I am outspoken, energetic, motivated, and just a take charge kind of person. Before, I was this amiable person who let everyone tell her what to do and usually did it. I let other people make decisions about my life. I let them use me. I let them make me feel terrible about myself. Not anymore! I love my new body and mindset. I don't even think that what I did was a huge deal to many people but to me it was the best decision I ever made. I will never look back. I am going to continue my path and see where it takes me. So far it's going toward a marathon. There's alot of forks in the road, but I refuse to derail. 

So what will inspire you to make yourself happy??

"Don’t ever underestimate the capacity of a human being who is determined to do something."

-  Edna Adan




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  1. Thanks :) just wanted to be real and share some emotions this time around.


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