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Friday, February 7, 2014

Tips on how l made weight loss Successful

People always ask how I lost 155 lbs. I am going to give some of my best tips. We did a Podcast about overcoming excuses which are going to be a huge obstacle in any weight loss journey! 

1. Know WHY you are doing it!
Once you know what is motivating you to lose weight, you can use that to keep going when you hit a roadblock.
2. Find exercise that you enjoy.
If you do not like the workout, you won't do it. 
3. Schedule your workouts and make that time unavailable to anything else.
That will be your time! Nobody else is more important! 
4. Eat healthy food, but don't deprive yourself of the things you enjoy.
l always say that l lost weight and still ate cake and cookies and hamburgers. If you're craving it then have it. DON'T do it everyday or even every week, just when you want to give yourself a treat. Remember too that there are a lot of healthy alternatives to the crap that is out there, and it probably tastes better. I have found that to be true of tons of stuff.
5. Put in work!
If YOU don't work for it then it will never happen for you. It's a LONG process! It's a lifestyle change. Be sure you are willing to put in the work to get there. Think of it as a job. If you don't show up, you don't get paid. 

This is how I did it. No magic pills. l worked hard and got over my ego and excuses. To this day I still struggle with not making a good food choice or just feeling lazy, but I think of my why and keep working hard. 




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  1. Great tips! Love the photo too, haha :D Looking forward to our continued journey!

  2. Great tips! I need to start scheduling my workouts. I always struggle with time management in all aspects of my life. Make sure you link up on my site if you haven't yet. Have a terrific weekend!


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