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Thursday, March 27, 2014

#Fitness Friday: Disney Vacation revelations, Shakeology & Supplement Giveaway

Hello All I am back!

I spent last week at Disney World in Orlando with my husband having our honeymoon. We have been married for almost 4 years now, but never got a honeymoon because we had my oldest daughter and I was pregnant with our youngest when we got married so things were a little busy at that time. We decided to go without the kids this time because I have never been to Disney and they are 2 and 4 years old. Still a little too young to do a full week with 6 full days at the parks. I saw what that was like while we were there with kids that age and it was not pretty! Andrew was thrown up on in one of the bus trips back to the hotel.... Andrew and I also do not ever get much time to just be together and enjoy each other due to our work schedules. I would full time during the week and he works full time during the weekends. It was an amazing week!! I titled it: Eat, Play, Love. I actually gained 7 pounds in a week. I had every intention to continue my running schedule during my week there. That did not happen. I walked the parks everyday, ALL DAY. I experienced shin splints for the first time. I went to bed exhausted and sore every day! So yeah running was not going to happen! Plus I felt like I wanted to just focus on the vacation with my husband. It was special and I didn't want to miss out on anything because I had to go running. The food we had at every restaurant we tried was amazing!! We got back to Fort Wayne and went to Steak and Shake and regretted it LoLThe food and the service were SO good! It was literally the most magical place on earth. I am sad to be back home in the cold but I also missed my girls like crazy! I didn't eat healthy the whole trip, but you have to experience the desserts and different food styles of all the different restaurants. I can take the extra 7 pounds off just like I have done before. Nothing could make me regret the amazing week we had. So now I am back and cold in the "spring" of Fort Wayne, IN.... I have started my training back up and will get back on track with my weight loss and running goals. 

Speaking of weight loss, I have a giveaway that started yesterday. The prize will be a Shakeology shaker cup with 2 samples of Shakeology and 30 day supply of Activit supplements. It is the perfect way to try Shakeology and Activit supplements for free. Shakeology has a sampler package with a sample of each kind of Shakeology for 19.95 plus shipping right now. Activit is currently free with 4.95 shipping until the end of March. So if you don't win the giveaway, you can still try Shakeology for pretty cheap. Activit will not be on sale after the giveaway so I would take advantage of that offer RIGHT NOW. Just go to Fitpersonified and click on shop to get these supplements for FREE. Who doesn't like free right? Also make sure you enter the giveaway everyday to get as many entries as possible! Go to Healthy Everyday Lifestyle Podcast and click on the giveaway tab to enter!

I know this blog didn't have alot of things to learn about health and fitness, but it was something that I wanted to share with you guys. I am human and my life is busy and hectic just like yours. I like to share that with everyone so you can see that I am not anywhere near perfect. It took me 4 years to lose 150 pounds because of it. I am so far from it! We are doing another recording of Healthy Everyday Lifestyle Podcast this Sunday. Please send any questions or ideas you have for the episode! 



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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It doesn't hurt to cheat on your diet every once in a while, especially for a trip to Disney without the kids! Jealous! Have a terrific weekend!


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