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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Change of routine and ideas ever evolving

Alright so I was going to have this whole juicing plan set up to go and it turns out that not having a job and one working adult in the house, changes everything! We could barely afford to get our normal groceries this week so the juicing thing was put off because I couldn't afford the juicer. I did however lose 4 pounds this week! I have a new job and because it is a desk job, I have been very conscious about what I am eating and how much I am eating. I have managed to eat less and got about the same amount of exercise in. I am very excited about this because I am going to be adding a half marathon training schedule to my exercise routine starting February 1st. If I keep up my eating they way it has been, I should be losing quite a bit of weight again! I made sure to buy alot more fresh produce at the store and very little boxed stuff. I have been bringing protein powder to work with me and incorporating it into my lunches so I have had less actual food for lunch and felt alot fuller. My breakfasts have been less too. I have been trying to snack less often unless I was extremely hungry or it was right after a workout. I think that having a job has changed my eating alot because I am very busy and don't think about it until my stomach reminds me to eat. I don't have alot of mindless eating time now so that will help me be healthier in my eating. 

I am going to be using my Nike+ app for my half marathon training. It has a running coach feature that gives you different training plans to use. The app will download the schedule to my calendar on my phone so it's very handy! I will be using the Beginner Half Marathon training schedule which is 15 weeks. It starts off with 4 workout days and 2 running days with 1 rest day. On the exercise days, I will put in my Les Mills Combat workouts and a core day. It starts incorporating more running days in after a couple weeks. I am really looking forward to getting my running back up! I will be doing this half marathon training and then probably the intermediate after that in preparation for the Fort4Fitness Half Marathon in September this year. I also want to do some other runs this year. I have my eye on The Color Run's 5k on May 23rd because it's always a fun time! I don't have any more in mind yet but I am sure there will be more. 

As always, if you need any encouragement and help on your weight loss journey, please contact me! I have actually set up my own website now! It is: Please go check it out! I am pretty proud of it! I am also running a group on Facebook with my friend Chandra called Fitness with Friends. It is a group of people who are trying to lose weight. We all motivate and encourage one another everyday. There is no judgement and the people in the group are just amazing! There are people in there on all levels of weight loss from just beginning to extremely fit. Definitely join if you want to be in such a great group of people who will motivate you to be healthier. 


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