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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Here I Am!

This is my first time blogging since I have lost so much weight. I did start a blog awhile back when I first started, but it wasn't something I stuck to. I have lost 131 pounds since then. A whole person! Now that I have done that, I want to help other people do it. I feel like this whole new person and that should be how everyone feels. I have so much more confidence and I just feel like I can do anything. With that said, I got the chance to become a Beachbody Coach. I was a little hesitant because I am not a real "out there and in the social networks" person. I don't know alot of people. I am a very busy person due to 2 beautiful little girls and working to keep my bills paid. So I am trying to get myself out there to meet people like you who want to lose weight, get fit, and just be healthy. I want to do for others what a personal trainer did for me. I want to help people realize their potential and make themselves into what they have always dreamed they wanted to be. I am not saying that my journey has ended either. I am still on my journey. I still have things I want to do for myself. This Beachbody Coaching is only going to help me get there. I will be helping others while still working hard on myself. I am doing a Beachbody Challenge and don't plan to just sit around and help others do it. I am going to actually do the challenge too! I am pushing my body to see what I can do with it. My Before and After picture looks pretty good, but I want it to look AMAZING! Especially because I did it all by myself!! No surgeries, no fad diets, none of that. Just exercise and healthy eating. 

So now I ask you:  Are you ready to do what I did? Are you ready to push yourself and change you life? I want to help!! Please?? If I don't know the answer to a question you have, I will definitely find out how to help in some way. I want to be there with you while you change your life for the better. Please take a look at the Beachbody Products on my websites. They can help you along with hard work and determination. You can get ahold of me with any questions and I will do the best I can to help in any way possible. Being healthy is not something that just happens. Losing weight is NOT easy! It is hard work. It takes the mindset that you can and WILL do it. I have gone through alot of times where I was ready to just quit because it was the easy way out. I didn't do it though. I pushed myself to do better because I had a dream that I could feel better about myself. It WILL suck and it WILL be extremely hard. It WON'T happen overnight either. SO many people just want to be instant and it's not. I am at 3 years and two babies from when I started. I am still not done yet. Here are my websites:
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