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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Jumpstart

Christmas is over and I know I did NOT adhere to any good eating. I actually even had McDonald's. I had pie and candy and cookies and etc, etc... You know what I wanted after all that? HEALTHY FOOD. I actually craved it! I didn't feel good after it. My face is breaking out and my stomach is just giving me hell for it! OMG! Yuck! I feel terrible about it and I am not going back there. I am stopping this now. I have a challenge starting on January 2nd and I plan to rise to that challenge. I am actually going to start now. I don't want to wait the next few days. I just hope that the people that said they were interested, want to do this with me. I want to help others do this too. It's something I am passionate about and want to make others feel that passionate about themselves. Sure I am working with Beachbody and want them to purchase a video or use Shakeology, but who doesn't invest in those types of things to get fit? You have to have the tools to help you get the results you want right? If someone is serious about helping themselves become a happier person then they will stop at nothing to do so. I am scraping by paycheck to paycheck but I still reach down here and there to invest in these tools for myself too. Even if I can't get anyone to do the challenge, I will still challenge myself and keep trying to recruit others. I know there is alot of people I don't know yet, but I will find them and maybe someday somebody will let me help them right? 


  1. Hi Angela! Your before an after picture is amazing. I think you would really like my cousin's blog Tell her I sent you her way! Thanks :)


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