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Friday, April 25, 2014

#Fitness Friday: New HELP Episode! Advertising for the Podcast, Workout Fails

We have recorded another episode of the podcast this week. It has been a few weeks since there was a new episode. Chandra and I were very busy and working through some things so the podcast kind of had to take a break. We discussed how life gets in the way sometimes, but you have to pick yourself up and keep on moving. We have both been really lax on the workouts this month. With her having some issues inside her home business that needed taken care of and my stresses, things have been really hit or miss. I discussed last week how stress can affect your weight loss and workouts. I have been brainstorming ways to get back on the wagon and get myself headed to a better result than what I have been seeing lately. I have a shipment of Shakeology on the way so I am thinking I will just have that for breakfast for a few weeks to see if that starts slimming me down. I haven't made the best food choices lately so I am going to really hone in on that. I want to get this last bit of weight gone before my marathons at the end of this year. Plus the better I eat, the better my body will be able to train. So what I am trying to get at here is to tell you that I am not perfect. I was overweight and I lost that weight. I worked my ass off to get there. It wasn't easy and it still isn't. I am really having trouble with this last bit. Sometimes I wonder if this is the hardest part. I am not seeing immediate results and that is what makes it seem so impossible. SO I will just keep pushing and making changes that will eventually lead me to the place I want to be. Anybody can do it. If you want to do it, you can. I tell everyone that it is the hardest thing that I have ever done. It is also the best thing I have ever done. You just have to put your all into it. When you fail, you make the changes that are necessary and keep moving forward. You brainstorm to find what you can do differently to make sure you don't fail again. You cannot be wishy washy. You have to be dedicated. If you are on and then off and then on, you won't achieve results. You will be constantly playing catch up. Put your mind to it and succeed!!

We also talked on the podcast about advertising for and with the podcast. We want to find more ways to get our name out there. We would love to have more listeners! If we could find some places to advertise, we would be willing to advertise that company on our podcast in return. We also talked about getting some professionals on the podcast who work for different companies in health and fitness. Chandra does alot of reviews on her blogs for different products. We would love to do some product testing and reviews on some episodes. If you know of any way to help us get our name out there, please contact me here or on the podcast page. As always, please give us some feedback on the podcast!!! We would love to hear what you think! We are going to have a Google Hangout soon as well as maybe a Twitter chat session. We will keep you posted on when those will be.



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