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Saturday, January 12, 2013

P90X = Amazing Workouts!!

I have finished my first week of P90X. I had to stop in the middle because a sickness took over our household. Yes the dreaded flu hit all of us! I am over it and back in the game. I missed it after 3 days of being sick. These workouts are fun! They are so motivational too! Tony really makes you feel like you can do it. There is alot on there that I am not very good at, but I am hoping that I will get better at it. Tonight I did Kenpo X and this workout is amazing! I was having fun and sweating by the time I was done! Time just flew by. I was sad to see it end. So far since I started this I have lost 2 lbs. Which isn't bad because I don't have that much weight to lose. I want to tone my stomach up so I am mainly concentrating on that right now. I want that bikini this summer! 
I am still looking for people who want to focus on their fitness goals. I want to help you do something amazing for yourself. I know I feel so good about what I did so why not you? 
The next thing I am going to start is Shakeology. These shakes are so good for the body! They have vitamins and minerals and help build the immune system along with tons of protein!! They are supplement shakes that I will use either for breakfast or an after workout drink. Im so excited to try these and see if they help me lean up faster. 

Curious about P90X, Shakeology, or the other amazing Beachbody products? My websites:

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