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Thursday, February 27, 2014

#FitnessFriday: How to Eat Healthy with the 21 Day Fix

Diet is an ugly word. It is overused and nobody really understands what the word means. You can say it in different ways and mean different things. The word makes people think negatively about food. People immediately think that they have to give things up. So I like to focus on eating healthy. As in changing your lifestyle of eating. I never gave up anything. I have given myself treats but don't go overboard. I have been able to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I started looking in to "Diets" for people with MS and I came across alot of topics pertaining to eating clean and the Paleo Diet. It also recommends going gluten free as well as caffeine free. I would love to eat cleaner than I do and all that but do I really want to go to these depths to lose weight? I am not unhealthy but I could be healthier. I just don't think I can keep up these lifestyles. I have never gone vegetarian because I know I love meat too much and I doubt I could give up my coffee! I am looking for a lifestyle that I know I will be happy with and keep up for the rest of my life. This is going to be discussed in further depth with Chandra on our podcast H.E.L.P. I have become a Beachbody Coach and I want to get past this last 20 pounds along with helping other people lose weight and reach their goals. There is a new program that just came out called the 21 Day Fix. I am going to start this program in March. I will have a Challenge Group on Facebook with some of my friends who are doing the program as well. The 21 Day Fix is a program that uses containers to teach proper portion sizes. There are 6 workouts that come with it. There is a recipe and meal plan booklet. Shakeology comes with the challenge pack which is a really healthy meal replacement shake. With this program I will be able to lose 16 pounds in 21 days if I follow it. The best part of it is that I really don't give anything up. I just use the containers for my meals to get proper portion sizes and do the workouts. I am going to start P90X3 on Sunday as well so I will have that program along with my Marathon training. I should not have any reason to not lose the weight. If you want to get going on this program, then you can just let me know by commenting. The program is on sale until today with free shipping. I personally believe this is a great program that actually teaches how to eat and be healthy instead of making you eat certain things at certain times, then confusing your body into losing weight. Once you are done there, you gain it back and that's never good! You can put whatever foods you want into the appropriate containers and eat it as long as it fits. Here is a video to show how it works:  21 Day Fix. It looks extremely easy so I hope it is! I just have to be able to control my eating. It hasn't been easy lately. I keep giving in to the urges! I am going to need all the moral support I can get! So this is my formal invite to join me on this newfound "diet" journey into a whole new healthier lifestyle with the 21 Day Fix.

We are recording the podcast this Sunday. Do you have any questions about diet and eating healthy? Please let us know because we will cover any ideas or questions you throw at us! We are always looking for new topics to cover as well. So definitely hit us up with those ideas too.



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